Day 7: An Art Song a Day Keeps the Virus Away!*

*not scientifically proven, for entertainment purposes only!

Johannes Brahms: “Feldeinsamkeit”

I was first introduced to “Feldeinsamkeit” or “Field Solitude” by Johannes Brahms by the first accompanist I performed with on recital, Kristian Banatzianou. Years ago, he sent me an mp3 of the accompaniment that he had recorded.  He was living in Cleveland at the time and I remember writing him and saying, “Thanks! I can […]

We made people laugh!

I’ve returned to Florida after a successful trip to Wisconsin.  On Thursday night, I was thrilled to get to finally premiere Christy Talbott’s collection of songs billed as “The Engaging Singer:  a collection of fun pieces for the developing performer.”  The vast majority of the songs are humorous.  Even the more serious seeming pieces have […]