Encanto: Art Songs of Spain & Latin America


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ENCANTO:  Art Songs of Spain & Latin America

Martha Lopez, soprano & Lurray Myers, piano

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Encanto translates to enchantment, delight, and in some uses, magic. Within this lovely word is the word “canto” which means song or singing. Delight is what I hope to bring each of you as you listen. Enchantment is what I have felt while immersed in this passionate song literature. Magic speaks to the transformative power of music.

At age 6, I began my musical life as a pianist. Little did I know that music would transform my life into that of a singer. In many of the art songs on this recording, the piano is as much a solo instrument as the voice. That I chose to record repertoire with strong interplay between the voice and piano should come as no surprise! I am happy that the music on this recording honors my primary musical roots, as well as my ethnic heritage.

My gratitude to Lurray Myers, Matt DeSear, Mike Badalamenti, Julia Guthrie, Vanessa Targino, LouAnn Gregory and the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota for their direct involvement in the completion of this project. Much gratitude to my teachers, musical and otherwise, friends and family and official project backers, for their love, friendship and support. The joy and depth you all bring to my life fuels my singing.  Thank you.

Notes & Translations

(Click on the song titles for translations.  Notes about the art songs are linked under the song cycle titles.)

(Click here for non-academic notes for people who like details!)

1. CARLOS GUASTAVINO (1912-2000) La rosa y el sauce [2:11]

JOAQUÍN TURINA (1882-1949)

Tres Sonetos

2. Anhelos [2:06]
3. Vade retro [1:52]
4. A unos ojos [2:30]

5. FERNANDO OBRADORS (1897-1945) Del cabello más sutil [1:09]

MANUEL DE FALLA (1876-1946)

Siete Canciones Populares Españolas

6. El Paño Moruño [1:14]
7. Seguidilla Murciana [1:35]
8. Asturiana [2:15]
9. Jota [3:09]
10. Nana [1:37]
11. Cancíon [1:11]
12. Polo [1:44]


Cinco Canciones Populares Argentinas

13. Chacareras [1:15]
14. Triste [2:40]
15. Zamba [1:11]
16. Arrorró [1:58]
17. Gato [2:30]


Cinco Canciones Negras

18. Cuba dentro de un piano [4:08]
19. Punto de Habanera (Siglo XVIII) [2:13]
20. Chévere [1:35]
21. Canción de Cuna [2:41]
22. Canto Negro [1:23]

23. ERNESTO LECUONA (1896-1963) Siboney [2:18]

Recorded 17 August, 7, 21 September, 5 November 2012, Audio Images Recording, Inc.


Engineering & Mastering MATT DESEAR

Executive Producer MARTHA LOPEZ

Front Illustration JULIA GUTHRIE



 Copyright 2012 Martha A. Lopez, All Rights Reserved.