Studio Policies

Studio Policies


Each month’s tuition is due on or before the first lesson of the month. This retains my time as well as my services. No refunds will be given for missed lessons.


Because your lesson time is reserved especially for you, I require advance notice for absence from any lesson. Failure to notify me 24 hours in advance will result in forfeiting the lesson. No refund will be given. If you arrive late to your lesson, you forfeit that amount of time from your lesson.

Re-scheduling Lessons

Due to my busy schedule, please refrain from rescheduling and keep your appointed lesson time. If you need to reschedule, please give at least 24 hours advance notice. I cannot reschedule lessons at the last minute.

In the event that I am unable to keep your lesson time, I will make arrangements with you to re-schedule or offer a credit towards the next month’s lesson. This is the only case in which I offer to give a credit.


Absence due to illness or family emergency

If you are absent due to illness or a serious emergency, you may make up your lesson within one month. It is your responsibility to schedule your make-up lesson with me.

Coming to your lesson sick

If the student is sick, it is advisable to re-schedule the lesson for another day when it is probable that the student will be healthy. I will extend the same courtesy to you if I am sick.

Visitors during lessons

In the case of younger students, parents are welcome to attend lessons from time to time in order to observe the students’ progress.  It is generally better for young students to not have siblings or friends attend their music lesson with them, as it can be distracting.

Lesson Preparation

Daily committed practice and regular attendance at lessons is essential to steady progress. Students and parents are encouraged to make voice or piano practice a part of their daily life by scheduling a time for practice every day.  Each student is required to have a notebook especially for their lessons. I will write assignments as well as notes of encouragement in this book. Students are also required to obtain their own voice or piano lesson materials.

Lesson Preparation Defined

  • Students must bring all of their music books to the lesson.
  • Students will have an assignment book. The teacher will write in this notebook what the student is expected to practice during the week. In many cases, the teacher will also specify how the student is to practice during the week- what method of learning the student should use as well as other recommendations for the student’s benefit.
  • Practice is defined as playing or singing what one does not know or know well. While it is a beautiful thing for students to sit and play their favorite pieces on the piano, it may not really constitute practice in regards to preparing for their next lesson. Please realize this distinction. There is a difference between playing and practicing.
  • How long should I be practicing? As a rule of thumb, if the student takes a one hour lesson, the student should be practicing at least one hour daily. The 60 minutes need not be consecutive. In fact, I encourage that the practice session be divided into smaller sections in order to ensure more focused concentration.

Communication with the Teacher

Feel free to ask questions or voice any concerns about the student’s progress. Sometimes, due to my schedule, it is not possible for me to speak to you immediately before or after the lesson. If I do not have a student immediately before or after, I am happy to answer questions then. If I am not available, please call me at (941) 404-8375 and we can arrange a meeting or discuss any issues over the phone. E-mail is also an excellent way to be in touch with me. My email address is marthalopezsoprano @ gmail. com.