Reflecting on my lessons, as I give lessons.

I am the product of my teachers.  My musical training began at the piano.  At age 6, I began my studies with Martha Montané in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where I grew up.  She was a fiery, red-headed Cuban with high standards.  She laid a firm foundation for me and each year, I participated in the […]

2017: How I spent the Christmas

December is always a flurry of activity for any Director of Music.  2017 was no exception.  The choir I directed at Our Lady of the Angels did a marvelous job at every event.  Our Christmas Concert was a huge success, touting the largest attendance we’d seen thus far.  Legendary harpist Ann Hobson Pilot was our […]

What happened with the 6 Week Challenge & how I spent my Christmas.

So several weeks ago, I challenged my students at SCF to a 6 week practicing challenge and told them I’d be posting my results each week.  Well, after week 4, I stopped posting my results because my own participation in the challenge got derailed!  I got hit with what the doctor called a stomach “bug.” […]